Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lost and Found - eBook Cover Design

A good friend of mine entrusted in me to design an eBook cover for him. The book is called Lost and Found. It's about a friendship born of monsters, comics, candy, and kinship, Joe and Pino are trying to keep their heart of adventure from being eviscerated by the surreal and frightening maw that is junior high school.

Into their lives are thrust two girls, sarcastic, Jean, feisty with a cutting wit and Val, a nearly six foot teenager whose height is only less towering than her intellect.

While exploring the complex sewer chambers under their town, they discover that the legend that has been haunting their town for two decades has a name. And as they begin to unravel the whys of stolen mail, disappearing sons, and banshee cries, their own lives are threatened. But it is their compassion, as well as their wits, that forge them through fear and the unknown, opening up the chambers of a long mystery that threatens to split apart their hometown.

Ripe with humor, action and heart, Lost & Found reminds us of what it truly means to come home.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Oahu, Hawaii

I had the priviledge to travel to Oahu for the Iolani Invitational with the Curtis X-Country team as an assistant coach. We had a blast. We stayed on the eastern side of the island in a house on Waimanalo Beach. What a fantastic spot!

Our first order of business after securing our rental vans was to go for a run, which ended in a swim in the ocean beind our house. No need for a shower. Especially when the humid climate defeated the purpose.

Despite how tired we were on our first morning, we all were up to see the sunrise. Not standard proceedure for high school, but it was worth the effort. Especially to be in the water before the sun rose and have the water temperature be as balmy as the air temp. What's up with that?

The wind was always blowing, which made sleeping a breeze. It was nice to be able to open the windows and hear the ocean and wind lull me to sleep each night.

All-in-all it was a fun to spend a day enjoying our beachfront location, running a race in a dramatic mountainous location, and an afternoon in Honolulu along Waikiki.